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Small changes that can lead to significant improvements over time.

Dr Raewyn Sleeman, Author, Tune-up Your Small Business

Tune-Up Your Small Business is the ideal guide for small business owners who want to achieve their personal and professional goals by making their businesses more successful.

Dr Raewyn Sleeman is a specialist in aiding small businesses to flourish. With a Doctorate in Business Administration, she has the knowledge to teach business owners about marketing and strategy in ways that are easy to grasp.

Raewyn Sleeman, DBA

Tune-up Your Small Business - Improve Operations, Increase Profitability. #1 Practical Business Improvement  by Dr Raewyn Sleeman, Founder of the Marketing Strategy App

Professor Jochen Wirtz

If you run a small business, read this book!  It is full of practical insights and ideas.  I especially love the many real-life stories that demonstrate clearly how Dr Sleeman’s ideas work in practice.”

Vice Dean MBA Programmes

National University of Singapore

This is it!  Raewyn is a master of growing small businesses from the sign on the door to lifelong loyalty.  I know of no one that has studied the intricacies and challenges of operating a small business like Raewyn. Her words of advice, wisdom and action in this book are not just more theory from people that know how to write. They are proven and backed by her years of hands-on experience, research, and testing concepts to see what works. and what does not.  Do yourself a favor and read this from beginning to end!

Jeanette McMurtry, MBA


Author of Marketing for Dummies (Wiley), and Market Your Business - Your Guide to DIY Marketing (Entrepreneur Press)

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