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Our App, Marketing Strategy by Stratagease, makes expert marketing strategy accessible to the smallest of businesses – from the sole proprietor (owner/operator) to 9 employees.  

It's designed specifically for savy business owners who want to spend more time doing what they love and less time trying to figure out how to find, attract, and keep profitable customers. 

Research and testing into the marketing practices and marketing-led failure of small firms started in 2011 by Dr Raewyn Sleeman. After talking and researching with thousands of small business owners, testing the app's marketing strategy framework began in 2016.


Further developed through doctoral research and testing, the strategy in the app uniquely addresses the gaps in small business marketing knowledge, giving owners growth certainty, confidence and control of their business' performance. 

Learn more about the history and meet our founder

Life is short. You can achieve your goals with the Marketing Strategy App.


We know you don't want to waste your life doing things that aren't what you love.  You can make an impact on this world, and the Marketing Strategy App will help you do that. Learn how.

Marketing your business is no longer hard. It is now easy to grow your business with a solid foundation to last a lifetime. Read more about our History and how we got started here.

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Download the Marketing Strategy App from the app store, available worldwide: 

Download the Marketing Strategy App from Google Play store



Dr Raewyn Sleeman

Meet Dr Raewyn Sleeman - a marketing strategy expert dedicated to helping small business owners succeed.


Raewyn understands the challenges and struggles of learning complex marketing concepts as a small business owner. That's why she has devoted her life's work to making marketing easy and affordable for small business owners.


Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Raewyn overcame a speech impediment and dyslexia to pursue her passion for marketing. She completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in marketing and information systems, at Auckland University with the support of family and tutors. She later completed her Master of Business Administration degree, focusing on marketing strategy for small businesses, through Liverpool University in 2013.


In 2020, during the pandemic, Raewyn completed her Doctorate in Business Administration through Athabasca University. Her research focused on testing marketing strategies in small service firms. Raewyn's dedication to finding practical solutions to real-world problems led her to develop the Marketing Strategy app, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


In addition to teaching and research, Raewyn is currently writing a business book on incremental marketing tweaks that business owners with limited resources can confidently make to improve their business performance.


In her free time, Raewyn volunteers at homeless and addiction recovery centres. She is married with two adult step-children and currently resides in England. Her favourite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11. With her expertise and experience, Raewyn is committed to helping small business owners overcome marketing challenges and achieve success.

Read Raewyn's tips for success.

Founder of the Marketing Strategy App, Dr Raewyn Sleeman, Doctor of Business Administration


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Meet Founer Dr Raewyn Sleeman
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