Marketing is hard; we make it easy.

Let's face it. You didn't start your business to spend precious hours becoming a marketing expert. So instead of doing what you love, you waste time and money learning marketing, and it's still confusing.


Finally, a confusion-free expert and personalised marketing strategy made as simple as getting directions on Google maps.


Answer easy questions; where you are, where you want to go, and our strategy engine builds your personalised strategy with everything you need to make marketing your business easy. 

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Hands down the only marketing strategy app you will need

Stratagease Marketing Strategy App Customer Results: +19% increase in customers

Tried and Tested

Want expert strategy but worried it won't be right for your business? We've tried and tested our marketing strategy with dozens of small businesses in Canada and the United Kingdom over five years to learn what doesn't work, and what does.


Suitable for businesses with 1+ people in a variety of industries. 

Don't waste time trying to figure out what to do when you don't have much time.   No waiting. No guessing.


Plain language and directions that are easy to

understand and follow.


There is nothing but facts built into our algorithm from the Marketing Strategy Doctor; Dr Raewyn Sleeman, DBA.

The right advice now

Stratagease Marketing Strategy App Customer Results: +244% increase in leads


Small companies can do big things even with limited resources.

"Trusting the professionals to do what they do best, has freed me to work on what I’m better at!"

— Kat

Stratagease Marketing Strategy App Customer Example: Cleaning Social Media Canada Screen and Marketing Strategy Component Screen to show what's included in a Stratagese Marketing Strategy

"Really amazing suggestions to promote and push my business forward."

— Carmen

Stratagease Marketing Strategy App Customer Example Hair Salon Canada Social Media
Dr Raewyn Sleeman, Marketing Strategy Doctor, Founder of Stratagease Technology Corporation, Making Marketing Strategy Easy for Small Business Owners
Dr. Raewyn Sleeman, DBA


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Stratagease Marketing Strategy App Customer Example Screen Social Media UK

"A sterling job, and it is making such a difference to my business."

— Nicholas

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"There are no words that capture nor articulate the advice, expertise, support, and friendship they gave me. I'll do my best, as they did for me."

— Sheilagh

"I transformed my place into a super seaside cottage. My guests and I love it!"

— Veronica

Stratagease Marketing Strategy App Customer Example UK Holiday Cottage Social Media


A marketing strategy is a detailed plan to attract and keep the right customers for your business. 

Stratagease Marketing Strategy App result of a customer increasing their price by +37%

Easy and convenient

Stratagease finally makes sense of what is necessary to grow your business so you can go at the speed you want - whether that's fast, slow or in between! 


Access anytime, anywhere you want. No bulky laptops are required to manage your strategy.


Implement your marketing strategy yourself or get Stratagease to do it for you.