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Over ten years of research and testing, we learned that business owners are tired, frustrated, and confused.​

The marketing industry offers small business owners services that are outside the reach of the majority.


For example, their business is too small for professional expert services, or the owner needs to be a marketing expert for self-serve services. 

Caught in a catch-22, small business owners try to learn how to do it themselves, ask people who aren't experts, or copy what their competitors are doing.


Copying competitors and not having a marketing strategy leads to 50% of small businesses failing, and that's not right, so we created Nimblwit to find out how we could provide small businesses with what they need. 

Responding to micro-business owners' need for a tool they can trust and control that will work as promised: personalised, expert, fast, and affordable marketing strategy. 


Now that we know, we have built what small business owners need into the Stratagease marketing strategy app. Get it on Google Play. 


Marketing Challenges Solved

After years of studying and working with small business owners, we've figured out how to eliminate the confusion, wasted time and excess money out of marketing a small business. 


Marketing Strategy Testing: 
United Kingdom

13% increase in revenue year over year

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Marketing Strategy Testing:
United Kingdom

19% increase in customers 


Marketing Strategy Testing: 

25,600 increase in unpaid post views

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Marketing Strategy Testing:

1233% increase in unique website visitors


Marketing Strategy Testing:

244% increase unpaid leads 

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Marketing Strategy Testing:

9+ years in business - really helped growth

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