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Are These Holding You Back? A Call for Women Business Owners

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Let's talk about the hidden challenges that hold women business owners back from success. Every day, women business owners face unique challenges. Some are obvious, while others are hidden, silently holding you back. Could one of these 14 reasons be your challenge? Let's find out:

Top 14 Challenges:

Tools That Didn't Work: Ever bought tools that didn't help? Perhaps you bought a computer program that was too hard to use, paid for advertising that didn't bring customers, invested in a system to track products that didn't fit your needs, or bought promotional giveaways before making money.

Afraid to Take Risks: Fear of failure can paralyse growth. Maybe you've avoided trying new ways to promote your business, stuck to old products without exploring new ideas, or hesitated to sell online because it seemed too complex.

Listening to Friends Too Much: Friends mean well, but they might not always have the right answers. You might have followed a friend's advice about social media that didn't work, used their pricing idea that didn't match your customers, or copied their products without considering why people buy from your company.

Success Takes Time / Give Up Too Early: Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Building a group of loyal customers by providing a unique customer experience, growing your network through community involvement, and taking time to learn and improve are all part of the journey. But it's easy to assume it's quick because everyone else pretends it is.

No Clear Plan: A scattered approach leads to scattered results. Making skincare products for everyone and losing your special touch, offering too many services without expertise, or frequently changing your business direction can confuse customers.

Don't Know Marketing: Ever felt lost in a conversation with a marketing expert? The jargon can be intimidating. Avoiding talks with marketing professionals because you fear not understanding their language, pretending to understand marketing terms but feeling lost, or trying to handle marketing on your own without expert guidance can hold you back.

Afraid of New Things: Embracing change is key. A bakery not selling online, not using new payment methods that customers prefer, or ignoring new styles or trends that could attract younger people are examples of resistance to change.

Money Problems: Financial missteps can derail success. Buying too much equipment, expecting it won't cost money to promote your business, renting a big office space without needing it, paying for fancy packaging that doesn't increase sales, or assuming it's easy because everyone else pretends it is are common pitfalls.

Not Meeting People: Networking is more than a buzzword. A stylist not attending events, ignoring local business groups that could help, or failing to join with other businesses to provide unique bundled offers can limit opportunities.

Too Much to Do: Balancing work, home, and family is a real challenge. Working for others, cleaning the house, taking care of family, missing deadlines because of too many responsibilities, or feeling tired and stressed can affect your business quality.

Selling Doesn't Work: Modern selling requires modern strategies. A yoga teacher not using Facebook to find young people, only telling friends about your business and ignoring online reviews, not allowing online booking, or using social media channels you're comfortable with instead of ones customers use can lose busy customers.

Only a Few Customers: Diversification is key. A pet cleaner losing her best customer, relying on seasonal customers without a plan for the rest of the year, or not offering different products or services can risk problems if things change.

Not Seen Online: An online presence is non-negotiable. A food expert not on social media, a website that's old and not mobile-friendly, or ignoring what customers say online can make you invisible to potential clients.

Not Changing: Adapting to stay relevant is the name of the game. A jewellry maker not selling online, ignoring what customers want like eco-friendly products, only accepting cash, not offering online booking, or sticking to old designs without refreshing your brand can stagnate growth.

The Reality and The Path Forward

Recognise yourself in these examples? It's a wake-up call, a chance to think, change, and grow.

But here's the good news: You don't have to overhaul everything. Sometimes, small tweaks can make a big difference. Tools like the Marketing Strategy App are designed to help women like you.

Your success story is waiting. Grow, succeed, and lead in business. Don't let these reasons hold you back.


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