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An Easy Way to Make Your Business Stand Out: Are You Missing Out?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Let's talk about an easy way to make your business stand out that you might not have thought about: entering contests at local fairs to win awards.

In a world where people are always comparing suppliers and looking for the best value, how does your small business stand out? Especially when you have limited time, money, and people?

Here's a hidden opportunity you might be missing: entering contests at local fairs to win awards. It's a fun and affordable way to make your business shine. Let's explore how you can do this.

1. Discover Contests That Fit Your Business

Local fairs host contests perfect for small businesses:

  • Florists: Flower arranging contests.

  • Crafters: Crafting contests.

  • Bakers: Baking contests.

  • Farmers: Fresh produce contests.

2. Prepare to Shine with Limited Resources

  • Understand the Rules: Know what's expected.

  • Showcase Your Best: Bring what represents your business.

  • Enjoy the Fair: Have fun and connect with others.

3. Win Awards to Stand Out

Winning an award at a local fair can set you apart:

  • Builds Trust: Awards show quality and dedication.

  • Attracts Attention: People notice award-winning products.

  • Connects with Community: It's a friendly way to engage.

4. Share Your Success Without Spending Much

Winning? Here's how to tell people:

For a Florist:

  • In-Store: "See our award-winning designs from [Fair Name]!"

  • Social Media: "We won at [Fair Name]! Check out our special bouquet!"

For a Crafter:

  • Email: "We won at [Fair Name]! Special discount on award-winning crafts!"

  • Flyer: "Visit us to see our award-winning crafts!"

For a Baker:

  • Text: "Best Pie at [Fair Name]! Taste it today!"

  • Website: "Award-Winning Pastries from [Fair Name]!"

5. Use Awards to Connect and Grow

  • Display Proudly: Show awards in your shop or online.

  • Talk About Wins: Mention awards to customers.

  • Create Special Deals: Offer deals on award-winning products.


Local fairs offer a hidden opportunity to make your small business stand out. By entering contests and winning awards, you can attract attention and build trust without spending much. It's a great way to get noticed and grow, even with limited resources.

So, find a contest that fits, have fun, and win. Your award could be the key to standing out in a crowded market.


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