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The Silent Growth Killers in Your Business: What You Might Be Missing

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Let's talk about the overlooked key step that's essential for businesses. Every day, I see business owners asking others, "How do I get more customers?" The many suggestions they receive can be overwhelming: some good, some not so relevant.

The Core of the Challenge

But when I look into these businesses, the reason they're struggling becomes clear. They're missing the foundational elements that build trust.

Without a unique business personality that's professional, clear, and easily understood, and without social proof, they'll continue to face challenges in attracting customers. It's not that they aren't offering value; it's that they're not effectively communicating it.

Misplaced Focus and The Language Barrier

The business personality, customer testimonials, and legitimacy (like a professional website and active social media presence) are often what's lacking.

Many think, "My company name, logo, and website are fine. It must be something else." But more often than not, it's these very elements that need a makeover.

I see a pattern: businesses are searching for external solutions without first ensuring their foundation is solid. They're hoping that a new marketing tactic or platform will be the solution.

But the truth is, if the foundational elements of the business remain unchanged, the same challenges will persist across all platforms.

Language barriers further complicate things. Many business owners have told me they find marketing jargon confusing. This language barrier not only makes them feel out of their depth but also deters them from seeking help from marketing professionals.

The Reality and The Path Forward

Everyone seems to think running a business is easy because that's the facade many put up. But the reality? It's challenging. Especially when you're trying to figure out why something isn't working.

And then, to add to the confusion, you're bombarded with advice that's wrapped in jargon you don't understand.

But here's the good news: You don't have to overhaul everything. Sometimes, small tweaks can make a big difference. It might feel like you're taking a step back, but laying a solid foundation now will set you up for long-term success.

The Ultimate Goal and A Helpful Resource

You have great products and services. Now, it's about making sure potential customers see and recognise that. Once they do, you won't be asking, "How do I find customers?" Instead, they'll be finding you.

If you're ready to lay that foundation and want guidance on what's truly important, check out my Marketing Strategy app. It's now available in a Free with Ads version.

Use it to learn, and when you're ready, approach marketing professionals with confidence, knowing exactly what you need.


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