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Overcoming Customer Hesitation: How Building Trust Helps You Get More Sales

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Let's talk about risk perception. It's a silent barrier that often stands between your business and a potential sale. Before we explore how to remove this obstacle, it's crucial to understand why it matters so much.

Why Risk Perception Is Important

Risk perception is a critical factor that can directly impact your sales. When potential customers view your business as a risky choice, they hesitate, and that hesitation often leads to lost sales opportunities. But what exactly makes a business appear risky? Several factors contribute to this perception:

For Online Businesses:

Lack of Information: If your business doesn't provide enough details about the products or services, customers may feel uncertain.

Poor Online Presence: An outdated website or lack of social media activity can make your business seem less credible.

No Reviews or Testimonials: People often look for reviews or testimonials to gauge the reliability of a business. The absence of these can raise red flags.

Complex Pricing: If your pricing structure is complicated or not transparent, it can make potential customers wary.

No Customer Support: Lack of a clear way to get in touch for queries or complaints can make your business appear less trustworthy.

For Physical Businesses:

Poor Store Condition: A disorganised or dirty store can immediately turn off potential customers.

Untrained Staff: Employees who can't answer questions or provide good service can make your business seem unreliable.

Limited Product Availability: If you're frequently out of stock, it may seem like your business isn't well-managed.

No Clear Signage: Lack of clear pricing or product information in the store can create confusion and mistrust.

The concept is simple: people want assurance. They want to know that they're making a wise decision, especially when they're about to spend their hard-earned money. In a market flooded with options, standing out as a reliable choice can be challenging. How to provide assurance? One way is to offer a free trial while you improve the other areas that might be causing hesitation.

Offering a free trial serves as a tangible demonstration of your service quality. It allows potential customers to experience what you offer without any financial commitment, effectively lowering the perceived risk. Once they see the value you provide, the mental barrier diminishes, making them more likely to become paying customers.

For Physical Stores: Try an Exclusive Event

If you have a physical store, consider hosting an event for new customers. Use this time to offer free samples or mini-services. This helps build trust and reduces risk for new customers.

For Online Businesses: Your Website Is Key

Your website is often the first contact point for new customers. Keep it updated and professional. Consider an online event where you can answer questions. This shows you're reliable and reduces perceived risk.

Prepare Your Business Space

Before you invite new customers, make sure your business space is clean and professional. This shows you're serious about your service.

Tips for Service Providers

If you offer a service, like cooking or training, a free mini-trial can help. It reduces the new customer's initial risk and shows you value their business.


Reducing risk perception is essential for gaining new customers. A free trial can make a significant difference. It's a straightforward way to grow your customer base.



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