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Do You Agree With This Definition of Business Success?: It's More Than Just Money

Let's talk about what success means for you in your business. If you think success isn't only about how much money you make, you're not alone. A study by Walker & Brown in 2004 shows that many small business owners think the same as you.

Success is About More Than Money

For many people who run small or micro businesses, success is not just about money. It also includes being happy with your work, feeling proud of what you do, and having a good balance between work and life. Being involved in your community and feeling fulfilled are important too.

Your Choice of Success

You get to decide what success means to you as a small business owner. Maybe it's helping people in your community. Success to you might mean spending time looking after or with your family.

Success could also mean doing other things - travel, hobbies, anything you enjoy. If this is how you define success, your business should help you reach these goals, not just make money.

Focus on Learning What's Important to Achieve Your Success Definition

Every day, you are looking to learn how to do things quicker, easier, with less cost, less time, less effort so you can do what you want to do in your business and life.

There are many choices of how to do that, but they all take time and money to learn. Often with trial and error that uses precious time and money you can't afford to spend in your business.

Find programs or a strategy that reduces your effort to get the success you want.

Learning How to Get the Success You Want Shouldn't be Confusing or Time-consuming.

While there are thousands of things you can do, the strategy in the Marketing Strategy app focuses you on the crucial foundation for any successful business.

Our app shows you how to build a solid business foundation simply and easily. A foundation that helps you make good decisions for your business. Decisions that take less effort and cost.

That's why I created the Marketing Strategy app. This app is designed to minimise your confusion and frustration about what you need to know.

By using it, you should be able to attract the customers you need to make money to spend more time living the life you want.

Keep Learning and Growing

If you want to spend more time doing what you love, spending time with family, helping your community, or any other activity, try using, or continue to use, the Marketing Strategy app.

Your business is more than just earning money. It's a way to achieve the life you want. Keep focusing on strategy that helps you reach all your business goals, not just financial ones.


Source: Walker, E., & Brown, A. (2004). What Success Factors are Important to Small Business Owners? International Small Business Journal, 22(6), 577-594.


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