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Avoiding Common Marketing Mistakes: How Your Micro-Business Can Truly Shine

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Let's talk about the pitfalls of copycat marketing for micro-businesses. Every time I chat with a micro-business owner, there's a recurring theme: confusion.

"I see other businesses doing X, should I be doing it too?" they ask, eyes filled with a mix of hope and overwhelm. And it's not hard to see why.

In a world bursting with marketing advice and tactics - like posting daily on social media, sending out newsletters, or running online ads - how does one filter the gold from the noise?

Here's the thing: Just because a tactic is popular doesn't mean it's right for you. And even if it's working wonders for another business, it doesn't automatically translate to success for yours.

Why? Because every business has its own unique needs, budget, expertise, and objectives.

The Pitfalls of Following the Crowd

The Delusion of Immediate Success:

Many dive into tactics that seem promising at first glance. They might spot a competitor's flashy TikTok campaign and think, "That's the ticket!" However, they soon realise they lack the people, time, or budget to maintain it.

Plus, that platform might not even be where their most profitable customers are searching for their services or products, leading to wasted efforts. And if they do decide to pull the plug, especially if it turns out to be a suitable platform, customers take note, causing trust to erode.

The Natural Ebb and Flow of Customers:

Businesses will naturally lose customers over time due to life changes. The key isn't to cling to those who've moved on but to continually attract new ones.

If you only ramp up marketing when you notice a dip in customers, it can come off as desperate. And desperation? It's a red flag for potential customers. They start thinking, "If no one else wants them, why should I?"

The Start-Stop Syndrome:

This is more damaging than doing nothing. Customers value consistency. When a business can't maintain its marketing efforts, especially during busy times, it sends a message: "We're not dependable."

The Real Deal on Relevant Marketing

Knowledge Over Trends:

It's not about chasing every shiny new tactic. It's about understanding what's genuinely sustainable and relevant for your business.

Consistency Over Intensity:

Your marketing shouldn't stop when you get busy. Basic foundational marketing tactics need to be consistent, relatable and attractive to people most likely to buy your products or services.

Strategy Over Tactics:

This is where my years of research come into play. I've studied and tested what works for micro-businesses, understanding the difference between what's vital and nice to have.

And all these insights? They're packed into the Marketing Strategy App, designed to give every micro-business owner a clear, actionable plan.

In wrapping up, while it's natural to seek inspiration, it's crucial to stay true to what's right for your business. With the right knowledge and a focus on strategy, the path to growth becomes clearer and more achievable.

Remember, it's not about doing everything; it's about doing the right things consistently.


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