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Unlocking Success: Why Your Small Business Fears Are Holding You Back

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Let's talk about small business and the fear of failure. Every time I chat with a new small business owner, there's always a mix of hope and worry in their eyes.

A burning question I often hear is, "What if my business doesn't work out?"

When we dig into this fear, a clear picture emerges. They're not scared of the hard work or the long hours.

They're scared of the unknown. What to do after the initial excitement wears off? How to keep customers coming back? What happens when friends and family, who were all cheers at the start, start to pull back?

The real trick to overcoming fear in business is knowledge. It's not about copying what everyone else is doing or chasing every new trend.

Here's the facts:

1. Knowledge Beats Fear: The fear is about what you don't know. When you know what to do next and why you’re doing it, that fear starts to fade.

2. The Big Picture Over Tactics: I get asked a lot, "Facebook or TikTok? Is email still a thing?" These are just tools.

Before you grab a tool, you need to know what you’re building. That's where a good marketing strategy comes into play.

3. Strategy First, Always: Here's a hard truth – half of small businesses stumble because they lack a marketing strategy. The others?

They might have a strategy, but it's not doing them any favours. It's not just about doing marketing stuff; it's about doing the right stuff.

That's why I made the Marketing Strategy App. I've spent years looking into why small businesses face hurdles, finding out what really works, and then pouring all those insights into this app. It's there to give every small business owner a clear plan.

In the end, while there are plenty of challenges out there for small businesses, they're not insurmountable. Get the right knowledge, focus on your strategy, and the path ahead will look a lot less daunting.

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