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The Hidden Pitfalls of Business Growth: Are You Making These Mistakes?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Let's talk about business growth. Every small business owner I've encountered seems to have a singular focus: finding new customers. And the most common question I hear? "Which social media channel is the best?"

But when I dig a little deeper, looking into the person and their business, a glaring truth emerges: many don't truly understand what a comprehensive marketing strategy is. They mistake individual marketing tactics for a full-fledged strategy, and this is where their growth falters.

I've said it before, and it bears repeating: a marketing strategy is not just about social media and word of mouth. It's a comprehensive plan that encompasses various tactics, all aimed at building and maintaining trust. Trust that your company knows what it's doing and will consistently deliver on its promises.

Here are three simple yet vital tactics within a professional marketing strategy:

A Clear Logo: A few years ago, I spoke to a business owner struggling to attract customers. They sold home fixtures and fittings, but their logo was a religious symbol.

While it held personal meaning, it confused potential customers. If you're a baker, for instance, use baking in your logo. Make it easy for potential customers to identify what you offer at a glance.

An Informative Business Name: Naming a business is often overthought yet misunderstood. A name might resonate with you, your friends, and family, but if potential customers can't decipher what you offer, you're missing out.

For instance, "Comfy & Cozy" might sound inviting, but can you guess the business type? It was a cleaning company. If you're relying on search engines or social media to get noticed, incorporate what you do into your business name.

And if you've already established a name, consider trading under a more descriptive one. "Comfy & Cozy" transitioned to "Spotless Cleanrz" and saw a significant uptick in business.

Consistency is Key: The average attention span of a business owner is about four months. If a tactic doesn't yield immediate results, they often change it. But inconsistency erodes trust.

If a strategy doesn't seem to be working, evaluate if you're being impatient or if you're genuinely targeting the wrong audience. Instead of overhauling your approach, amplify it.

Post more frequently, email your customers more often, or call them regularly. And if you're using paid advertising, start small if you must, but do start.

Too many business owners expect organic (free) traffic from friends and family sharing their posts. Paid advertising ensures your business is seen by genuine potential customers, without alienating loved ones or causing undue stress.

These tactics might not be what you typically associate with a marketing strategy. But that's because too many are wrongly led to believe that individual marketing tactics are a complete strategy. Start with these three tactics, and watch as they pave the way for sustainable growth in your business.

Let's Talk About Your Next Steps

Diving into the world of business growth can be overwhelming, especially when there's so much advice out there. But what if you had a roadmap tailored just for you?

The Marketing Strategy app is your guide to navigating the complex world of business growth. It's not just about listing tactics; it's about understanding the 'why' behind each one.

After speaking with thousands of business owners, I've realized that understanding the 'why' is the first step to shifting your mindset towards sustainable growth.

In the app, you'll find detailed insights on what should be in a marketing strategy and why. More importantly, you'll discover the implications of missing out on specific tactics and the benefits of implementing them.

And for those wondering which social media channel is the best fit for their business, the app provides tailored recommendations to ensure you're maximising your online presence.

Whether you're a DIY kind of business owner or someone who prefers a bit of guidance, the app offers step-by-step activities. And if you ever find yourself in need of additional tools or expertise, there are affiliate links to trusted resources and experts.

But the true magic of the Marketing Strategy app? It's personalised. It takes into account what you're currently doing and what might be missing, guiding you to fill those gaps.

The goal is simple: to transform your business into a magnet, drawing in prospective customers naturally, without the hard sell. Because at the end of the day, achieving and maintaining profitable growth is about more than just tactics; it's about building a business personality that matches profitable customers' needs, is unique, and delivers on its promises every single time.


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