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NEW: A Daily Dose of Motivation for Smart Small Business Owners Now In-App

A group of motivated business owners who use the Marketing Strategy App
NEW: In-App Bonus Growth Tips Provide Daily Motivation

Like you I understand the daily challenges of running a business with little or no time or money to learn and make changes to get the success you started your business for. That's why I've added a new feature to the Marketing Strategy app: Daily Bonus Growth Tips.

Introducing Your Daily Dose of Motivation

These tips are new within the app, available every weekday to provide you with motivation and guidance. I create them from reading the latest research and proven strategies to help you keep going when it's hard.

Designed for Practical Use

The tips are short, clear, and focused on providing you with knowledge to build your confidence to make better business decisions. They show you how you are different or the same as other business owners, and how you can use your differences for your benefit.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

Bonus Growth Tips is part of my ongoing effort to improve the app and support your business success with valuable, research-backed insights.

I hope these tips will be something you can rely on every day to help you make progress in your business, one small step at a time.

Here’s to the continuous growth of your business.


Dr Raewyn Sleeman, Founder



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