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Here's Why Your Customers Keep Coming Back (or Go to Your Competitors)

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Let's talk about looking to rent or buy a home and thinking "this isn't right for me". As a small service business owner, your success depends on how satisfied your customers are with your service. If they like what you offer, they'll keep coming back, and if they don't, they'll go to your competitors.

It's not just about providing good service; there are other factors to consider, like the appearance of your business. For example, if your office, storefront or website is unappealing, customers may not want to use your service.

Have you ever searched for a home to buy or rent? You probably looked at pictures online, drove by the property, and then went inside to look closer.

If the online pictures didn't match the kind of home you were looking for, you likely moved on to another option. This could be because the home looks messy, cluttered, or outdated. You might have thought, "this isn't the home for me."

This same principle applies to your business. If your business or website doesn't accurately represent your business, it might turn away potential customers.

It's important to make sure your business looks good and reflects your business personality anywhere customers can see or find information about it.

If your business or website, or social media isn't appealing, customers will go to your competitors. But appearance isn't the only thing that matters. Your customer experience is also crucial.

If customer's aren't coming back, take a good hard look around you; your office, shop, or store, your web and social media sites. If they are old, outdated, worn out, run down, or cluttered and cramped, start a tidy up. If you can't decide find a trusted friend who will tell you the truth, it is hard to change something that you don't realise is a problem.

Our Marketing Strategy app can also help you evaluate your business and create a personalised plan to attract and keep profitable customers. The app walks you through easy questions to see what might be keeping customers away from your business, and activities on how to get them back.

Try it Free with Ads or go Pro with an Ad Free experience. Don't let the environment you perform services or promote your business hold you back from real success.



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